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Unit 2 I became so bored with their orders that I wished they would leave me alone.  

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Ⅰ.Teaching aims:
1. To help the students to think about what will they do if they are left home alone.
2. To develop the students’ ability of using words and expressions.
Ⅱ.Teaching important points:
1. Help the students to improve the reading ability.
2. Learn and master some important words and phrases in this period.
Ⅲ.Teaching difficult points:
1. How to help the students improve their reading ability and understand the passage better.
2. How to help the students master the important language points in this passage. 
Ⅳ.Teaching methods:
Reading, Discussion and Explanation
Ⅴ.Teaching aids:
A tape recorder and a computer
Ⅵ.Teaching pr cedars:
Step 1 Greetings
Greet the students as usual.
Step 2 Language points
Deal with some language points in the text.
1. plan to do 是计划去做某事。 (主要指计划 计划的意味较浓 )
plan on doing是按照计划做着的事。(有一层“ 希望去做” 的意思 ) 
 Father vetoed our plan to buy a new car.
What do you plan on doing in the future that will bring you even more happiness?
2. fight with sb 与……吵架(打架,战斗,斗争)
Try to stop the children from fighting with each other.
(1). fight for 为…而战斗(竞争); 争取; 争夺;   
I fight for my children.  我为我的孩子们而战斗
(2). fight against 对抗;反对;与……作斗争
They were fighting against the enemy. 他们在和敌人作战 
3. in a hurry匆忙
   in a hurry to do sth.匆忙做某事。
Do not be in a hurry to succeed. 不要急于求成
4. by accident 偶然地,意外地 
 You're not reading this by accident.
5. The house is now a mess.
(1). n.
1). 肮脏     in a mess: 
The kitchen is in a mess厨房很凌乱。
2). 肮脏的人/东西
My hair is a mess. 我头发很乱。
3). 狼狈的困境
The company is in a financial mess.
make a mess of把…弄脏,打乱计划,毁灭
make a mess of your life.
(2). mess 做动词  v. 弄脏,弄乱
mess sth. up  把某物弄脏/搞乱,陷入困境  
The wind messes my hair up.  风吹乱了我的头发。
(3). adj. messy 肮脏的,凌乱的,棘手的
    a messy job一份脏乱的工作
a messy divorce一次棘手的离婚
6. put sb./sth. in danger  使(某事物/人)受到伤害、损失或破坏;使陷于险境  
Yet we are in danger of doing just that.
The bridge is in danger of collapse.桥要塌了。
拓展:out of danger脱离危险
      He is now out of danger.  他现在已经脱离危险了。
7. point out 指出,把注意力引向…; 提示; 点明; 
 Can you point out the hotel on this map?
拓展:point at,point to,point out 近义词辨析 
(1). point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事  
 Don’t point at the words while you are reading.  读书时不要用手指着字。
(2). point to多用来表示指向离说话人较远的事物,意为“指向”,to也是介词,着重于指的方向。
 He pointed to the house on the other side of the river and said,“That’s my home.” 
(3). point out表示的是给某人指示方向,要点或错误等,意为“指出”,out是副词。
 The teacher pointed out many mistakes in my homework.
  一般情况下point at和point to可互换,但事物名词作主语时,用point to要常见些。
The building points to the east. 这所大楼朝东。 
8. answer the door 应门,去开门(迎客);   应门而出。  
      Can you go answer the door?  你能去应声开门么? 
9.  out of reach 手够不着,达不到;  
    Put your alarm clock out of reach. 把闹钟放到自己够不着的地方
 beyond (above, out of) one's (the) reach  达不到的,力所不及的; 不能理解
(1). make a reach for (sb./sth.) 
     伸出手; 企图抓住.. .
An angry man made a reach for him.
(2). within easy reach of 在容易达到...的地方; 触手可及 
Place books within easy reach of your child, so 
they can enjoy looking at them on their own.
(3). within sb.‘s reach 在某人力所能及的范围内, 在某人能到达的范围内
  Choose a goal within your reach.
(4). reach after 努力谋求, 竭力达到; 伸手想抓
 The assistant saw the man reach after a book on
  the shelf. 店员看见那个人伸手去拿书架上的书。
(5). reach out 伸手拿(抓); 伸向前; 追求; 
    伸出援助之手, 提供援助
  He reached out his hand and took the money away.他伸出手来将钱拿走。
10. make a leaflet 做一个小册子 
    make a travel leaflet 制作一份旅游宣传单
 make a class booklet.制作课堂小册子 
It is not an easy job to make a good class booklet.
11. be late for 迟到,因…而迟到 ,干……迟到 
  We‘ll be late for work. 我们上班要迟到了。 
   I will be late for my date again. 我这次约会又要迟到了。 
Step3 Grammar
1. 程度结果状语从句
so... that... 结构的意思是“太……以至于…… ”
so 后面接形容词或副词,表示程度,that
We were so noisy that our next-door  neighbor came to complain. 
 I was so careless that I forgot something important.我真是粗心,以致忘了一件重要的事情。
当that 引导的结果状语从句为肯定句时,so…that…可以与be…enough to 互换使用;当从句为否定句时,可以与too…to…或be not… enough to do 互换使用。
David was so careless that he didn’t find the mistake in his test paper.
也可以说:David was too careless to find the mistake in his test paper.
2. 让步状语从句
although 与though引导让步状语从句,表示“尽管”的意思。 
(1). 两个词同义,一般情况下可以互换使用,如:
  He didn’t light the fire though / although it was cold. 尽管很冷, 但他没有生火。
(2). although 比though 较正式,语气较重,常用于强调让步概念,如:
He insisted on doing it although I warned him not to.
(3). though可以和even 连用,但although 不可以,如:      
Although (Even though) the traffic held us up, we got to the airport on time.
(4). 当让步状语从句是指一种假设的情况,不指事实时,通常用though,而不用although,如:
He will never do such a thing though he (should) be forced to.
 即使强迫他,他也决不会干这样的事 。
Though all the world were against me, I shall still hold to my opinion.
(5). though可以在非正式文体中用作连接性状语,而although 则不行。(though 可以放在句中或句末,通常用逗号隔开),如:
  He said he would come; he didn’t, though.
(6). though引导的从句可用倒装语序(即把从句中的表语或状语等放在though之前),而although 不能这样用,如:
   Young though she is, yet she is fit for the job.  (= Young as she is, yet she is fit for the job)
(7). 有时可用副词yet, still, nevertheless (但不能用连词but) 来配合连接词though或although,以加强语气,如:
   Though he is over seventy, yet / still / nevertheless he can ride the bike.
尽管他已年逾七十,但仍/然而他可以骑自行车 。
(8).  though和although后面的主语和谓语动词be 可以省略,如果这个主语和主句中的主语指同一个人或物时,如:
   Though (he was) severely wounded, yet he refused to leave the battle field.
尽管(他)严重受伤,但他拒绝离开战场 。
   Though (they were) very tired, they continued to march on.
  尽管(他们)很累了,他们仍然继续前进 。
I don’t often make dinner, but I can cook.
Although I don’t often make dinner, I can cook
although 与but 是不能同时使用的。我们要注意英语的语法和表达方式,避免受汉语句结构的影响。
Step4  Summary and Homework
In his period we’ve learned some important language points in the text. 
Please remember them after class and do more exercises to master the usage of the key points.

1. Revise 由 although, though引导的 让步状语从句以及so……that引导的程度结果状语从句。
2. Revise important phrases above

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